Make Stress-free Rental Income with Us

Ryna has implemented a process meant to empower its partners to real stress free rental income: Low vacancy, Increased NOI & Free property management

Before Ryna

Unit Vacant 

$$ Realtor

Marketing &



Verify Applicants



Managing Tenants or Hire $$ Property Manager

After Ryna

Your Ideal Partner

Unit Vacant 

30 Days On-boarding period (design, furnish, professional photos/videos & marketing)

Enjoy LOW Vacancy, Increased NOI, Quality Long-term Tenants + 100% FREE Property Management

No Vacancy & Guaranteed Rent

No more tenant turnover. We ensure you get paid 100% on the first day of the month

24/7 Property Management

Our field team cleans your home every other week and actively repair any tenant caused damages.  

Quality Long-term tenants

Our roommate matching AI technology will meticulously vet and background check applicants to find quality female tenants who will take care of your property. 

Legal and Compliant 

We don't do short-term rental and all tenants have build-in tenant insurance.

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