Achieve Higher Return With Us


Higher NOI

290+ bps

CAP Rate



Ryna provides operational services like cleaning, and on-call tenant support to unlock additional NOI.

Our strategy identifies value-add opportunities by capitalizing on under-utilized space to increase the cap rate upon purchase.

Enjoy fast lease up and low vacancy due to hands-on leasing and daily engagement with members.

How we partner

Send us project information

Floor plans, building massing, financial models, offering memorandums, etc

Ryna's evaluation

Ryna will provide a detailed pro-forma and property analysis

 Sign agreement & lease up

Ryna will also provide on-going tenant relationship management.

Your Ideal Partner

Reduced Vacancy & Increase NOI

Average 3% vacancy rate with consistent monthly cash flow at above market NOI from credit-worthy tenants

Reduced Day-to-Day Responsibility

Ryna manages and enhances tenant relationship and engagement.

Quality Long-term tenants

We meticulously vet and background check applicants to find quality female tenants who will take care of your property. 

Stunning Property Refinements

Ryna's design team carefully curates unique and sustainable pieces to

ensure that you have a property you can be proud of

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