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MLSE Foundation's Speaker Series
A League of Her Own: Influential Women in Media, Sports and Entertainment

Ryna is proud to sponsor MLSE Foundation Game Changers next virtual Speaker Series! 100% of ticket revenue will go directly to MLSE Foundation. Please use our referral code 'RYNA25' for 25% discount.

This event hosts a panel of influential women—currently at the top of their game—to discuss trends in their respective industries and share insights and candid experiences from their successful careers to-date. Join us to hear their incredible stories and how they continue to #ChangeTheGame!


  • Alysha Newman: Canadian Olympic Athlete & Commonwealth Games Gold Medalist

  • Jacie deHoop: The Gist, Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships & Revenue

  • Marika Warner: MLSE, Director of Research & Evaluation

  • Meghan Chayka: Stathletes, Co-Founder & CEO



  • Sarah Burke: SiriusXM Canada, Manager of Music Programming & host of Women In Media podcast

*Please use our referral code RYNA25 for 25% discount *

MLSE Foundation supports programs, organizations, communities and youth in Ontario that are faced with systemic barriers to address their complex issues and support the people who count on us the most!💙  Read more about the MLSE Foundation here. 

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