Ryna's origin story

Updated: Oct 25, 2020

The business was founded in 2019, but the real story of Ryna started six years earlier when I relocated from Shanghai to Toronto for a new job. Finding suitable/affordable housing in a new city is a daunting and almost impossible task. I first moved into windowless room with two other roommates; only to find out 3 days later that I was also sharing the space with rodents. Going to a stranger's house for a viewing as a single woman made me uneasy, but I didn’t have many other choices. Hopeless and distraught, I moved into a pricey studio which cost nearly 40% of my salary. The first few months were difficult; I didn't know anyone, I felt alone. It took me a long time to integrate into Toronto, and establish a social circle, all while trying to excel at my new job. That's when I knew something was missing in the rental market for single female renters like me. Fast forward to six years later, I founded Ryna, because finding a place to call home should be easy and seamless. Welcome home, Sheryl

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